WSU Extension-San Juan County Staff


Susan Herrera, Office Manager
Susan first came to WSU Extension in 1993 as a temporary employee and became permanent in 1994.  She provides administrative support to the Director and Extension programs. Computer & technology support and keeping the office organized and running efficiently are among her varied tasks.   Contact Susan at

Tom Schultz, County Director
Tom began working with WSU Extension in 1993 as Director and Extension Agent for San Juan County. He received his Bachelors degree at Western Washington University; and an M.S./Ph.D. at Washington State University in Plant Pathology. Tom became an Extension Agent because of his highly rewarding experience as a WSU Master Gardener Volunteer in King County during the 1970's. His passions include running, fishing, kayaking, astronomy and kids.

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Gail Leschine-Seitz, 4-H Program Coordinator

Brand new to the program, Gail joined the staff December 2013.  Gail is not new to the community however, and is known by many throughout the county through her work in the schools and mentorship programs.  She brings her vast experience working with volunteers and young people into the San Juan County 4-H program.



Kris Bayas, Extension Coordinator Master Gardener Program
Kris joined the staff in May of 2004. She is responsible for recruiting, training, and supporting Master Gardeners and other volunteers that provide out-reach for the staff. Kris has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science, has organized volunteer projects in Ecuador while in the Peace Corps, and has worked with various youth programs. She speaks both English and Spanish, which is a great benefit to the department.
  You may contact Kris at


Candace Jagel , Extension Coordinator for Agriculture

Candace began with Extension in August, 2006.  She came from Bainbridge island where she had worked in the agriculture land preservation arena. She moved to San Juan Island with her family including her goats and draft horses. Contact Candace at: