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Here in San Juan County we offer a diverse array of hands-on 4-H programs and activities for youth, ages 5-19 years. In addition to our traditional, annual clubs, there are several other modes through which youth learn and grow in 4-H. We have a Teen Leadership program that includes local, state and national educational opportunities and hands-on leadership experiences. Our Portable Challenge program provides creative and imaginary situations for learning skills in communication, team building, problem solving, trust and more. More info

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Growing our Future Together

The School Farm: Classrooms in the Community


4-H Teen Leadership      

Our 4-H Teen Leadership program offers many opportunities forSan Juan County teens to gain leadership skills they can apply in school, at home, and with their friends. Click here to learn more.


The WSU 4-H Challenge Program

The Challenge program is an adventure-based experiential education program aimed at fostering team development and personal growth. Using a series of fun and engaging outdoor or indoor learning activities, participants are provided with the opportunity to strengthen relationships, improve communication, resolve conflicts and develop leadership. A key component of the program is the discussion (debriefing) process that follows some of the activities. It is Experiential Education at it's best.

In San Juan County we are fortunate to have the portable challenge kit, which can be used in the classroom, homes, businesses, or outdoors. By using this portable set of activities, the concept of Challenge can be implemented in any location or program. the focus is on team building and goals, centering on life skills that successfully lead teams to attain their goals and what group or personal behaviors can be modified to benefit the group process. The Challenge kit has also been very successful within individual families dulring the Family Night Out. this event brings families together to learn more about each other, train parents, strengthen family's cooperation, builds trust and aids in preventing risky behavior.


4-H Scholarships

We have funding for scholarships for both Adult and Teen 4-H Leaders, as well as 4-Hers. Scholarship funding is provided through private donors, local foundations and service groups, as well as through grants. The 4-H Leader's Council governs funds from private donors. Scholarships from private donations support education and training, and attendance at annual member and leader events. Scholarships can be requested by applying to the Leaders' Council Educational Activity Scholarship Committee. A description of educational activity events and topics is available, with a list of scholarship values. The 4-H Leaders' Council also governs funds set aside for college, county wide. Additional college scholarships are available to San Juan Island 4-H's only, through the San Juan Ramblers. A description of all 4-H scholarships, which includes scholarship criteria, is available.

How to Donate to 4-H

A 4-H Endowment fund is available to accept donations for the 4-H program. The 4-H Endowment supplements 4-H members' and volunteer leaders' fundraising efforts to reach their dream goals. To meet the changing needs of our County's youth and to ensure a long-term quality 4-H program, a permanent source of funding is essential. The 4-H Endowment, managed by the WA State 4-H Foundation, makes this goal possible.

Making a donation to the 4-H Endowment may be done in several ways. Types of support that can be accepted include: cash gifts, stock/securities (the donor can avoid or reduce capital gains taxes on appreciated assets), memorial gifts, tribute gifts, and gifts of property. A direct gift may be sent to either the local Extension office, or the WA State 4-H Foundation.The Washington State 4-H Foundation is a private non-profit foundation governed by a 21-member Board of Trustees for the purpose of serving 4-H youth programs in Washington State. The funds are invested with a professional money manager to generate growth but with low risk. We thank you for considering an investment in behalf of our 4-H youth and our community.

Sponsors and Collaborators of San Juan County 4-H

4-H projects and program expansion is generously supported by several local granting groups including: United Way of San Juan County, The San Juan Island Community Foundation, The San Juan Island Prevention Coalition, San Juan County Health & Community Services Prevention Program, San Juan Island Community Network, and the local Granges. Local businesses provide direct funding support to individual clubs and for Fair activities.

To reach a greater number of youth through 4-H, we collaborate with many organizations. To name a few, we have joined forces with public and private island schools, San Juan Island Family Resource Center, San Juan Mentorship Program, Lopez Island Family Resource Center, Orcas Island Prevention Programs, San Juan Island Prevention Coalition, San Juan Island Parks & Recreation, National Parks Service, and the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry.